Do At Home Acne Scar Treatments Work [ Epi #458]

One of the most popular topics that people ask about on DermTV is acne scars. We’ve all had acne, and unfortunately, most of us also have remnants of it, whe…

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  2. But i feel he’s videos saves you buying all these at home ingredients, follow all these people on youtube’s? recipes to a promise of you can do everything at home, achieve the same result at the fraction of the price. WHICH cnt happen!!! otherwise why are dermatologists? why are treatment expensive cause they WORK. It is pointless to hope achieve £100 result with £10 spent. You get what you pay for. So save the £10 10 times you can actually get a treatment that works.

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  11. WTF!! this video explained more on what we already know .. no detailed answers on how we can actually? help acne scars.

  12. will they at least make very minor differences? because im 14 and I feel like I have a rolling scar but I don’t see it at all unless its at the right angle and it was a pimple that went away a day and a half go. It could just be my mind tricking me because of its color. because im not even sure if I have scars because I cant find pictures on the internet even when I type in minor acne? scars they seem really bad. its possible for me being over paranoid by it because I didn’t even pop them…

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  16. ask your doctor for ARGANRain pure argan oil.
    its a very powerful oil about $49 a 50ml tube.. but? it goes a long ways if you have insurance they will cover it. if you do not want to go the doctor you can buy it on their website for one third OF THE PRICE:):).

  17. If people don’t have the problem, they really don’t understand it. But, I will try just about anything that is put in front of me and will continue to try and make things better whenever I can. I am extremely careful what I use? and research it heavily.

  18. I’m with you? <3
    When? others (girls) complain about thick calves, small breasts, ugly nose, etc., I think about my own flaws – and there are many – and just know that my biggest wish is to have better skin. Yes, I needn’t even have perfect skin, just not with all those scars that make me turn my head in funny directions when talking to people in sharp light. It’s so inhibiting!

  19. try vitamine c serum!!! That save my life! I had very bad skin from acne scar and now my skin is sooo smooth and the hyperpigmentation and the holes are completely? gone!

  20. I know exactly what you mean by that! I don’t think people who do not have the problem truly understand how hard it is to not only live with, but try to deal with. I’ve been scarred since I? was 13; II have seen several dermatologists – good luck getting one who actually wants to do a treatment without selling you a bunch of crap first! The funny thing is, this MD says “those topical treatments just don’t work,” but why does a dermatologist prescribe them?

  21. TCA is the most promising for most people but you should do? research (it changes pigmentation if you have dark skin).

  22. Love the video <3333

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  24. I am sorry but most of your videos just keep reiterating go see your dermatologist, ummm if we all could afford to, we would go and not watch these videos. Sorry but your videos? are not very informative, unsubscribing take care!

  25. Hi, Dr Schultz, I have acne scars and I heard dermarollers help to minimize this scars. Is that true or dermaroller will make them even worse? Also there are dermapens, I’m confused about which? is more effective. Can you answer or do a video about it? Thank you very much.


  27. Hi. Several times on You Tube I? have heard people praising Mederma for scars and they say it works. From a Medical point of view, does it really work specifically for Acne??

  28. 100% TCA applied with a toothpick. I’ve improved mine about 90%. And Ive had rolling scars. It truly is miraculous,? but you have to be *super* careful with your application.

  29. Yeah I agree! Allthough im inclined in getting the procedure done to myself, I still have to wait for my skin to? calm down. Its mild but theres no point in scar removal if im still potentially going to create more!

  30. the next 6-10 years. Its gonna be tough. Im 19, suffered from acne since i was 14 and its still just as aggressive. Im thinking about roaccutane but the drug is the most lethal, but effective drug out there for acne. Could result in loss of hair, diabeties,? liver failure, kidney failure, mental depression, suicidal thoughts, blah blah blah, you get the picture.

  31. Bio oils are apparently good for stretch mark scarring and acne scarring, however i dont use it as the acne i have is only located on my face -_- So? resulting in my face being extremely oily (not a nice look right?). However im surprised you had acne at the age of 12! and being on medication for two years at your age!? Im not sure oratane is, but if its an antibiotic, i would avoid further use as your body will evolve on relying on the antibodies created by the antibiotics. But goodluck with..

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